Welcome to “Writers Unite!” On WordPress

Welcome to “Writers Unite!”

Following on the success of the Facebook group, “Writers Unite!” the administrators felt it was time to expand the group’s mission. Dedicated to providing a safe haven for writers of all levels of expertise to interact with each other and share information about their craft, the Facebook group has grown to over 60,000 members.

As administrators, we decided to take this step and create a blog to provide more than a haven, but an environment to instruct, share stories and promote writers. We offer workshops on various aspects of the writing process, guest blogs, and interviews by our very talented members.

“Writers Unite!” is committed to the growth and empowerment of its members and wanted to offer the opportunity for the members to experience publishing. WU! has published its first anthology collection, Realm of Magic in August 2018, with the second volume in the series, Realm of Romance due in late 2018. In addition, a third volume, Realm of Mystery is currently in the submissions phase.

This site will offer:

  • Articles about writing
  • Guest blogs
  • Feature excerpts from members’ published and non-published work
  • Author interviews
  • Host writing contests
  • Writing workshops
  • And lots of other features as we grow

Join us as we explore the creative craft of writing.

The Administrators

Deborah Ratliff

Michele Sayre

Jessica V. Fisette

Paul Reeves

Lynn Miclea


“Writers Unite!” Mission Statement:

To provide inspiration, instruction, and promotion for writers of all levels of expertise.

“Writers Unite!” Vision Statement:

To provide a safe haven for writers as they hone their craft.


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