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In July 2016,  Paul Reeves, host of Dr. Paul’s Family Talk radio program asked me to appear on his show to discuss the Facebook writing group, Writers Unite! Established in November 2015, WU! had 6,600 members at the time but began to grow rapidly after the first appearance on the show.  Today we have 77,500+ members from all continents.

Over the years we have traveled with Dr. Paul’s Family Talk show from the terrestrial radio station, WNZK in Detroit to its home now on the international internet radio station, Impact Radio USA.

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Expert Series on Dr. Paul’s Family Talk

Host Paul W. Reeves offered a limited run series of Experts” on his show. The Experts discussed music, religion, publishing, motivation, and Paul asked me to do book reviews for the series. Following are the podcast of my book review segments on radio show.

Episode One

Episode Two

Epsiode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Other Appearances:

“Why Do People Write?”

Always Be Professional

“Ten Grammar Myths”

“Let’s Start Writing”

“Do Your Research”

“The Hook”



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Paul W. Reeves 

Paul W. Reeves is an author, radio talk show host, music educator, composer/arranger, and professional musician!

Listen to “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” on Impact Radio USA and visit Paul’s websitehttps://paulwreeves.com for more information on his books and CDs.


A Principal’s Family Principles by Paul W. Reeves Ed. D. is available on Amazon.com


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