Writers Unite! Workshop Projects

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“Writers Unite!” Mission Statement:

To provide inspiration, instruction, and promotion for writers of all levels of expertise.

To fulfill the mission that we strive to accomplish, Writers Unite! offers its members a wide variety of projects and exercises to hone their skills. We offer all of these projects on our companion Facebook group and some are also found on this blog as well.

We invite you to visit our Facebook group and join in the fun. We are a private group and require you request membership.

Writers Unite! on Facebook

WU! Projects

Write the Story

One of the most difficult challenges for writers is how to grow followers on our platforms. We are told by the “writing experts” that we must have a strong following to be successful.  And you know what, they are correct.

Writers Unite! created a monthly prompt based on an image provided. Members write a story

(up to 3000 words) based on the prompt. We publish the stories on the blog and share across the WU! platforms and encourage the authors to share each other’s work.

We post the stories throughout the month and past stories can be found in the monthly archives.

Drabble Me This!

A weekly exercise on the FB group. Drabbles are stories (beginning , middle, and end) told in exactly 100 words.  A great way to hone word choice, concise sentence structure, and editing.

What’s Next?

A weekly exercise on the FB group. An image prompt and the opening sentence is give and members write up to a 500-word story to tell us what’s next. This exercise hones plot development when given a narrow focus and also develops word choice and editing.

Write the End!

A fun exercise covering multiple genres where we give the inciting incident, the characters and plot points or clues (if the mystery genre) and members write up to a 1000-word story on their interpretation of the information given. This exercise on the FB Group is all about plot and character development.

WU! Anthologies

WU!, in an effort to expose members to the world of publishing, decided to publish an anthology. Members could learn about submissions guidelines, editing, contracts, the production process, and have a publishing credit.

Under the guise of a someone dubious publishing company—us, we have now published six anthologies based on different genres. The member rose to the occasion and the last three anthologies were two volumes each.

We might not get rich quick from publishing but we are very proud of the quality of the stories in each book and invite you to check them out.

You can find a list and links to purchase the anthologies here:

WU! Anthologies

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