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One of the most difficult challenges for writers is how to grow followers on our platforms. We are told by the “writing experts” that we must have a strong following to be successful.  And you know what, they are correct.

Writers Unite! wants to help you gain followers by broadening the reach that you have as an author.  We are creating a monthly “Write the Story” prompt designed to be shared by not only on your blog but across Writers Unite!’s platforms as well. Those of you with good followings now will hopefully find followers you didn’t have before and will be helping your less-experienced writer friends.

The rules are below but briefly… WU! will provide a prompt on the first day of each month. You write a story up to 3000 words and post on your blog/websites/FB pages. Provide WU! with a copy of your story and a link to where you posted it. We will then share it across our platforms (blog, Twitter, Instagram, FB), including your link, to provide more exposure. All we ask is that you share the link from our blog as well.

Sounds like a plan!  Good… the prompt will be posted in a bit.   Start writing, you have the entire month, so write more than one story if you choose.  Let’s go find those followers!

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January 2019

February 2019

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  • Write a story based on a prompt provided by WU! on the first of each month (3000K limit)
  • Post it on your blog/website/FB.    (No Wattpad or similar website links.)
  • Send story and link to your blog/webpage/FB to WU!
  • WU! posts on our blog and links to yours.
  • WU! will share on all WU! platforms.
  • You share our blog link on your platforms.

Story submission rules…

Stories must be:

  • 3000 words or less
  • Well edited
  • Related to the prompt
  • Rated no higher than R (please no erotica)

Disclaimer: Writers Unite! reserves the right to reject any story that does not follow these guidelines.

WU! will do the following:

  • Create a page for Write the Story….
  • Subpages will be labeled by month with the image of the prompt included. All stories will be posted as subpages to the monthly page.  
  • Story will also be posted as a regular post to WU!’s blog and shared across all WU! platforms

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