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Welcome to my individual page on  the “Writers Unite!” blog.  I will be posting about my writing and  my soon-to-be-published novel, Crescent City Lies

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I am an unabashed lover of books. I began reading by age five, and I never stopped. Granted most of the books I read at that age were golden or comic in nature, but I loved them… Chip ‘n Dale, Donald Duck, and later Superman, the Justice League of America, Dick Tracy. To say my interests are a bit eclectic would be an understatement.

As I grew up, I read Nancy Drew, then discovered the Hardy Boys and The Adventures of Tom Swift. The Tom Swift novels were science fiction/adventure, books the local bookstore owner in my small southern town didn’t think appropriate for a girl. My mother set her straight.  Around twelve, I discovered Agatha Christie, Alexandre Dumas, and Arthur C. Clark, cementing my love of science fiction, murder mysteries, and musketeers.

Through the years, I’ve read, like most of you, the classics (love some, hate others) and followed my passion for murder mysteries and science fiction. I won’t bore you with a litany of favorite authors. We all have our own. I will say John D. McDonald is among mine. His Travis McGee series is amazing, fantastic characters, sunny south Florida as a location, and wonderful story lines. The insights he brings to human behavior will teach you about life.

For anyone interested, I have a degree from the University of Kentucky in Microbiology, spent most of my career in clinical, research, and food manufacturing microbiology, eventually becoming involved with management and human resources. My favorite college course was an elective called Creative Writing. I am hopeless.

Best to all!

Deborah Ratliff

P.S.  You will see my postings on this site as thecoastalquill, the name of my blog.


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