Dr. Paul’s Family Talk Podcasts: Author Interviews

Welcome to our newest source of information for authors. “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” radio program on Impact Radio USA offers interesting and entertaining interviews of authors who share their writing journey as inspiration for all writers finding their way. Dr. Paul also interviews individuals who are successful in education, finance, conspiracy theorist, medicine, self-help, motivation, musicians, artists, and more. These interviews give insight into various careers providing writing research and possible character ideas.

MIKE KAVANAGH, Human Performance (2-16-22)

Mike Kavanagh, a “Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach & Consultant in Well-Being and Human Performance” from Chicago, Illinois, “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” host Paul W. Reeves to discuss his books – including the #1 Amazon Bestseller – “COACH’S PLAN” – as well as his training and coaching philosophies.


ANNA LEONARDA, Sexual Dysfunction Dating Expert (2-14-22)

ANNA LEONARDA, from Chicago, Illinois is a breast cancer survivor, who also suffers from sexual dysfunction. She joins “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” host Paul W. Reeves to discuss the “dating app” that she created “to help individuals who struggle with sexual dysfunction find companionship“. 


SHAWNEE HARLE, Olympic Basketball Coach (2-11-22)

SHAWNEE HARLE, a two-time Olympian as the former Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women’s Basketball Team, and one of the most highly certified basketball coaches in Canada, She joins “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” host Paul W. Reeves to discuss her work as a Mental Fitness Coach.

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