Review Queries

I am more interested in reading and reviewing Writers Unite! members’ books as an added service to our members. However, I’m more than happy to read and review books from anyone seeking reviews.

I do not promise a positive review, but I do promise an honest and thorough review of your book. Anything I find wrong I will explain in-depth. I am not here to criticize or discourage you, so my review will be honest but gentle without snark or insults. I am interested in showing you how you can improve as well as pointing out your strengths as a writer. And remember, my review is my own opinion and nothing more. What doesn’t work for me might work for someone else and vice versa.

My favorite genres are fantasy, romance (but not too mushy), action/adventure, mystery, and horror. But I tend to keep a pretty open mind and will try anything.

If I start your book and somewhere down the line the plot seems to fall apart and I feel I will not be able to leave a positive review, I am still leaving one. If I have invested hours into your book, then I’m going to follow through with a weekly review post to the blog. However, I usually don’t leave less than three stars and, again, my words will be gentle with an in-depth explanation as to what did and didn’t work for me.

If you’re interested in a review, email me at with the following:

Link to Amazon

Mobi, ePub, or PDF copy (I strongly prefer Mobi because PDF is hard to zoom in on and I cannot see small print. Most PDF’s have small print and I will have a harder time reading your book. ePub is okay, I just don’t use that app too often and I like to keep up with my current and to-be-reads through the kindle app.)

Book Cover


Anything else you want to include.

My turnaround time at this point isn’t too bad. But that fluctuates depending on how many books are in my hands at the time.

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