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Someone recently mentioned to me that I certainly like New Orleans as a location for my stories. I do. As I answered, I mentioned that New Orleans is a character itself and setting a story in the Crescent City automatically sets a tone and flavor of mystery regardless of genre.

While I understand that all parts of the country and the world hold their own intrigue and mystery for someone, having grown up in the Southern US, I have an affinity for the heritage of the area I grew up in. The beauty of a country road lined with ancient oaks that drip with Spanish moss conjures feelings of nostalgia and mystery and romance in me. That undercurrent of emotions translates into my writing, and I feel the past seeping into my words.

Of course, not all of the history of the South is pleasant, no history of a region is, but many of us have learned from the mistakes of our forefathers. My memories of growing up in South Carolina are ones that did not include the hatred of anyone, thanks to the efforts of my parents who worked for civil rights. When I write, I try to include the goodness of the people but will never deny the past.

I do set the majority of my stories along the Southern coast, but I have a special affinity for New Orleans and the Cajun lifestyle. Both a modern city and a mystical entity at the same time, New Orleans, now celebrating her Tricentennial is unique among cities and worthy of a closer look. With my first novel “Crescent City Lies” set in New Orleans, I want to pay homage to a city that has served my muse so often.

I will be posting a bit over the coming months about New Orleans as she celebrates her 300th birthday in 2018.

Let the Good Times Roll!!

Oh… and GO SAINTS!!!

(Image of a tram along St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA)


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