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When Writers Unite! was formed on Facebook in October 2015, our goal was to provide a haven for writers from novice to published so they could interact and learn from each other. We wanted to create an atmosphere of encouragement where authors could share their work for critique without the caustic responses seen in other groups and where even the most basic writing process questions could be addressed. Now, as of the publishing date of this book, we are approaching 43,000 members from every continent.

We decided to take on the task of creating an anthology to offer our members the opportunity to experience the publishing process. We chose the fantasy genre as the subject of our first anthology because it is a favorite genre with a wide range of stories to be told. There was a second reason as well. Writers are dreamers. Our dreams play out not in our heads at night in our sleep but on our keyboards or with pen in hand. Our flight of fantasy may be a cozy mystery, a space opera, or a steamy romance, but those stories are magic to those who write them. It seemed only fitting to honor our writing fantasies by creating Realm of Magic.

We hope you enjoyed our first collection of stories. Our second volume, Writers Unite!: Realm of Romance will be published in the Fall of 2018.

Deborah Ratliff


Writers Unite!

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