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Welcome to “Digital Arts Gathering”

From time to time, we, the admins come across articles or information that we feel is important to pass on to you. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the web page and Facebook group, Digital Arts Gathering. Jon Brumbaugh reached out to Karl Taylor about forming a partnership with Writers Unite! and we are excited to do so.

As Jon explains in his greeting below, digital publishing and digital arts are a natural combination as we strive to self-publish. Those of you who are artists, we hope you will join DAG and writers, a great resource for you as well. We are inviting DAG members to join us and share their works.

Let’s welcome, Jon and Digital Arts Gathering!


Greetings, Writers Unite! My name is Jonathan Brumbaugh and I run a Facebook group called Digital Arts Gathering. The admins of your group and I have planned something to help both of our groups enrich our forums. We’re crossing streams, today!

Come join Digital Arts Gathering and check out what some of our artists are posting. If you are looking for an artist for your novel, short story or even want to write for cartoons, indie games, or other forms of media, it may be possible to find such projects at DAG. We’re drawing near the 1,200 mark and hoping to attract even more artists. I will also include pinned posts where members can share their written works from time to time.

In this exchange, I will sending any DAG members interested in reading or writing to Writers Unite as well! I am hoping some cooperative projects are born as the end result of this promotion and it helps inspire the creative fires in us all!

Digital Arts Gathering is intended to be a place for digital artists of all kinds to come share their works. Whether it be 3D design, game design, 8-bit creations, Photoshop works, digital music composition, coding projects, indie films, or anything else relative to digital expression. Writers are important to me. They’re the organizers; the ones that lay the tracks, visionaries who give the biggest projects the essence of life they need to become something big. So come on in and lets see what kind of magic happens, shall we?

It’s also intended that DAG be a helpful place. Perhaps some of you are interested in learning how to create digital art or maybe you already are creative in that field. Post your work or come ask questions about how to start! On the blog, from time to time I feature artists, game developers, and coders who are working on interesting projects so be sure to check them out as well!

Join the group: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalArtsGathering/
Read the Blog: https://digitalartsgathering.com/
Like our page: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalArtsGathering/

Thank you Writer’s Unite admins and members!