Paul W. Reeves, Ed.D. Professional Writing Services

Paul W. Reeves, Ed.D. 



 As a long-time author and editor of books, newspaper articles, and magazine stories, as well as being a former English teacher, the services of Paul W. Reeves are designed to assist you in all of your writing endeavors, from first-time writers to experienced and published professionals, all at highly affordable costs to you.

Services Include:

  • Copyediting
  • Comprehensive Edit
  • Ghostwriting

Offering service at a flat-fee for a limited time:  $500.00

Maximum word limit: 100,000

Please visit the website and fill out the contact form if interested.


We LOVE our Clients!

“I wrote my first novel over 20 years ago. I initially thought that it was pretty good. I later learned that all writers think that their first works are pretty good. A friend referred me to Paul. He and his staff carefully went through my book, as they discovered multiple errors in grammar, punctuation, timelines, and even plot and character development. Without Paul’s help, I would have made a fool out of myself with the publishers and readers. 27 novels later, I am still going to Paul to edit and review all of my works!” Rochelle Wilder


“As an attorney for 45 years, I had multiple stories to tell the world in my attempt to educate the masses and to assist other attorneys. Although I had written a million legal briefs, I truly had no idea as to how to write content for a book. Paul spent countless hours with me in person, on the telephone, by Skype, and by e-mail to get my stories, to map them out, to organize the book by chapters, and to create a completely finalized and ready-for-print book. I am forever grateful to Paul and his staff.” 
Hal Middleton


“Paul and his staff took my story and made it come to life! I am most pleased with the time and care that he gave to my manuscript, as I now have a book that has sold well and serves as a history book for all of my future family members.” 
Jeremy Bryce


“How does one write a Science textbook for the classroom? I once had no clue, but Paul showed me the way to writing success, as my books have now been used in classrooms throughout the country. From the organizational and developmental phases, to the finalized completion of my book, Paul carefully took the time to regularly contact me to provide updates, to seek my input, and to let me know of the next phase. The completed product was quickly published and I am now writing my third textbook for the high school classroom.” 
Anna Benson

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