Crescent City Lies

Welcome to my page about my upcoming novel Crescent City Lies due to be published in Fall 2016.  Join me as I take you on my journey to writing and publishing my first novel.

Crescent City Lies

Emeline Drake’s great-aunt was dead. A heart attack the coroner concluded, but her aunt’s long-time housekeeper disagreed. She suspected murder.

Returning to New Orleans to claim her inheritance, Emeline thought the harrowing life of a war photojournalist was behind her for a while. She was wrong. Sinister phone calls and blackmail threats, an aggressive real estate agent, and the return of a lost love were only the beginning. Someone was following her.

As the threats against her life and those she loves mount, Emeline stumbles across a fifty-year-old family secret. A secret that could get them all killed.

Crescent City Lies Book Cover:


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