Chris Coling

Chris is a self-published author and creator of the Red Gambit series of alternate history books.

He was a member of the British Fire Service for 32 years, spending all but three months operational responding to emergencies on fire engines.

Chris retired in 2007, and then had to start working for a living.

He is presently a driver for the doctor’s night service in his home town of Swindon, UK.

He has a life long interest in military history in general, and World War II in particular, which pool of knowledge forms the basis for his Red Gambit series, the eighth and final book of which will arrive in 2017, and the Chancellor Chronicles, which will be revealed in 2018.

Chris has been a lifelong wargamer and possesses an extensive collection of model soldiers and vehicles, representing one of the largest collections in private hands in the UK.

In his years, he has also been a trombone player, singer, songwriter, magistrate, and modeller.

Somewhere in there, he found time to raise two girls, Victoria and Alexandra, of whom he is extremely proud.

Chris’ musical tastes are wide and varied, although he has a special place in his heart for film themes of all shape and sizes, the Carpenters, Supertramp, Queen, and the skirl of the pipes.

His all-time favourite books are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Red Storm Rising [Tom Clancy], HMS Ulysees [Alistair Maclean], the Iliad and the Odyssey [Homer], and the Killer Angels [Shaara].

The book he hates more than anything is the History of Mr Polly by H.G.Wells.



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