Welcome to Write the Story!

Check out the changes!!

February 2023 brings a change to Write the Story! Several members have expressed a desire for a higher word count for the stories. From this month on, the limit will be 5000 words. I understand the frustration as one who fights and usually loses the 3000-word limit fight each month. When I choose mystery as a genre for the WTS, having the room for the multiple characters needed in a mystery story becomes complicated. This change will be beneficial for all.

The other change we are making is that we will not be conducting minor editing on these stories as we have in the past. With the increased word count and the admins’ ongoing personal projects, the burden of producing a well-written story will now be on the author. We created this project so you could present your best work to the public to increase traffic to your author sites and assist your fellow authors in gaining traffic to their own.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

There have been so many amazing stories based on the monthly prompt over the years. Thanks to all who shared their writing with us and to all of you who read their work!

On to the February 2023  prompt!

A reminderWU! created this project with two goals: providing a writing exercise and promoting our author sites to increase reader traffic. We ask that you please include a link to the Writers Unite! blog when you post your story elsewhere. By doing so, you are also helping promote your fellow members and Writers Unite! We encourage all of you to share each other’s stories to help all of us grow. Thanks!

Write the Story! February 2023 Prompt

Images are free-use and do not require attribution. Image by Stephen Murray from Pixabay.

Here’s the plan:

  • You write a story of 5000 words or less (minimum 500 words) or a poem (Minimum 50 words) based on and referring to the image provided and post it on the author site you wish to promote. Don’t forget to give your story a title. (Note: You do not have to have a website/blog/FB author page to participate, your FB profile or WordPress link is acceptable.)
  • Please edit these stories. WU! will no longer conduct minor editing on your story, so please send in edited work. WU! reserves the right to reject publishing the story if poorly written.
  • The story must have a title and author name and must include the link to the site you wish to promote.
  • Send the story and link to the site via Facebook Messenger to Deborah Ratliff or email to writersunite16@gmail.com. Put “Write the Story” in the first line of the message.
  • Please submit your story by the 25th day of the month.

WU! will post your story on our blog and share it across our platforms— FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The story will also be available in the archives on the WU! blog, along with the other WTS entries.

We ask that you share the link to the WU! blog so that your followers can also read your fellow writers’ works.

The idea is to generate increased traffic for all. It may take some time, but it will happen if you participate. The other perk of this exercise is that you will also have a blog publishing credit for your writing.

Please visit Writers Unite! Facebook and join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/145324212487752/



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