Enzo Stephens: He Sweeps

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He Sweeps

Enzo Stephens

A cold night
A dark night
An unforgiving wind
A merciless city
A vast expanse of fresh asphalt
Black on black
Crisp, white painted lines
Split the ebon of night and asphalt
And the man
With his broom
Pushing, sweeping
To cleanse the filth
Of the merciless city
Every night
Rain, shine, snow or calm
He sweeps
The push broom worn to nubs
Yet he sweeps
Cleansing filth
The filth of sin
That accumulates in the light of day
To be cleansed in the night
He sweeps
As he has done before it was paved
As he has done before it had packed dirt
As he has done beyond memory
Beyond time
He sweeps
The suns weaves light into the tapestry of night
His work for the night is almost complete
His sweeping comes to an end
Their sins are forgiven
Salvation is at hand
The asphalt is pristine
He faces east
And fades from the light
Until the next nightfall
When he will sweep again


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