Paul W. Reeves Ed.D: Parenting 101 Plus

Parenting 101 Plus

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As writers, we are always doing research on many topics. For those of you who write family issues, particularly issues with children, Impact Radio USA offers a new program, “Parenting 101 Plus,” dealing with issues raising children, including case studies of drug use, truancy, anger, etc. and how to deal with the behaviors. The show is based on host Paul W. Reeves, Ed. D‘s book, A Principal’s Family Principles.

Join Dr. Reeves and his guests—parents, and educators—as they discuss how we can raise healthy, happy children.

Parenting 101 Plus airs Thursday at 9:00 am ET on Impact Radio USA.

The show repeats daily repeats daily at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm ET and is available on podcast.

Podcast available at

Parenting 101 Plus


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Paul W. Reeves 

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Paul W. Reeves, Ed. D. is an author, radio talk show host, educator, composer/arranger, and professional musician.

For more information regarding Paul’s career, or his books and CDs, please visit his website.

Paul W. Reeves

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A Principal’s Famly Principles available at

Outskirts Press

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