Mike Kavanagh, a “Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach & Consultant in Well-Being and Human Performance” from Chicago, Illinois, joins host Paul W. Reeves to discuss his books – including the #1 Amazon Bestseller – “COACH’S PLAN” – as well as his training and coaching philosophies.


“Kavanagh is also the author of several books, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller—COACH’S PLAN: The Personal Productivity System That Changed My Life, WHAT IS YOUR CALLING? The Journey to Find Work You Love, and THE SUCCESSFUL MANAGER: A Guide to Building and Leading High-Performing Teams.

Kavanagh has two decades of experience training and coaching people on a range of practices for enhancing personal well-being and performance, including formal training as a breathwork teacher, a meditation teacher, a behavior change specialist, and a fitness coach.

​Kavanagh also has 17 years of experience as an advisor to C-level leaders of Fortune 1000 companies and as a C-level corporate executive himself, making a name for himself by helping some of the most well-known names in business develop their strategies, launch new businesses, and build an army of high potential leaders capable of driving significant growth for their companies.”


Listen to the Podcast Here:


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Paul W. Reeves 

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Paul W. Reeves is an author, radio talk show host, educator, composer/arranger, and professional musician!

Listen to “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” on Impact Radio USA and visit Paul’s websitehttps://paulwreeves.com for more information on his books and CDs.


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