Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!: INSURE, ENSURE, and ASSURE

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Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!

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People often mix up the words insure, ensure, and assure. Although these words sound somewhat similar, they have different meanings and uses. This should help to keep them straight.

Insure means to take out an insurance policy to protect against risk. If you mean to insure something with an insurance policy, then use insure.


  • She was told she needed to insure her car before driving it.
  • He looked for a good policy to insure his family against illness.
  • She hoped the insurance company would insure her home against floods.
  • He decided to insure his car with a different insurance company.
  • She was glad their house was insured after the storm hit.
  • He made sure his kids were insured when he signed up for health insurance.

Ensure means to make certain something happens or to guarantee it. If you mean to make sure something happens, then use ensure.


  • She read the recipe twice to ensure she would prepare it properly.
  • He studied hard to ensure he would do well on the test.
  • She practiced every day to ensure she would be picked for the team.
  • She checked all the doors to ensure everything was locked.
  • He set the timer to ensure they would leave on time.
  • She stayed home to ensure her kids would do their homework.

Assure means to remove someone’s doubts, give assurance, or say with confidence. If you mean to remove someone’s doubts and say it will be okay, use assure.


  • He assured her they would get to the movie on time.
  • She assured her boss she would get the report done by Friday.
  • He assured them he had experience with computers.
  • She assured the dog walker that her dogs were friendly.
  • The restaurant assured them that they would remain open.
  • He assured me everything would be fine.

They assured me they would help insure my car, and they ensured that I understood.

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