Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!: APPRAISE versus APPRISE

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Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!

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People often mix up the words appraise and apprise. These words have different meanings and uses, and this should help to use them properly.

Appraise is a verb that means to determine, assess, or estimate the value of something. The “praise” ending sounds like praise. If you mean to determine or assess a value, use appraise.


  • She wanted to get the ring appraised.
  • He needed to get the car appraised before it was sold.
  • She asked for the house to be appraised before she made an offer.
  • That man will appraise the diamond and tell me what it’s worth.
  • He will appraise the house and then we can sell it.
  • She asked to have the vehicle appraised.
  • He decided to have the watch appraised to know its value.
  • After getting the jewelry appraised, she set a higher sale price.
  • He had the painting appraised and was astounded at the value.
  • The agent went there to appraise the property.

Apprise is a verb that means to inform, tell, or notify someone. The “prise” ending sounds like prize. If you mean to inform or tell someone, use apprise.


  • His boss apprised him of what was needed.
  • He has been apprised of the facts in the case.
  • She was apprised of what he had been doing.
  • He needs to apprise his family of what happened.
  • She did not apprise her boss of the sale falling through.
  • He made sure to apprise his team of the latest development.
  • The police were apprised of the situation that developed.
  • The doctor apprised the patient of the outcome of the surgery.
  • After the meeting, the boss apprised the group of the outcome.
  • She investigated and then apprised her client of what she found.

If you mean to determine or assess a value, use appraise.

If you mean to inform or tell someone, use apprise.

After getting the house appraised, he apprised his client of the value.

Please look at the chart for an easy summary and helpful reminder.

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