Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!: SIGHT, SITE, and CITE

Writers Unite!’s mission is to offer a haven for writers to share their work and hone their craft. As the writing process is our focus, author, and WU! admin, Lynn Miclea has created a series of “tips, tools, and tidbits” about writing for our members or anyone interested in writing to help improve their writing. Check the menu bar for any tips you may have missed or click on this link.

Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!

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People often mix up the words sight, site, and cite. Although these words sound alike, they have different meanings and uses. This should help to keep them straight.

Sight is a noun and means vision or ability to see or something you see. You have sight and you can see sights. If you mean vision, then use sight.


  • The sunset over the ocean is a gorgeous sight.
  • After struggling with an injury, he was grateful to get his sight back.
  • She loved seeing all the sights when on vacation.
  • He went to the doctor and hoped his sight had improved.
  • She thought there was no end in sight to the rising prices.
  • His sight was not very good at night.

Site is a noun and means a specific place or location. If you mean place or location, then use site.


  • This is a great site to have a picnic.
  • That is the site where they are filming a movie.
  • He loved visiting various historical sites.
  • She looked around to find the perfect site for the wedding.
  • He couldn’t wait for people to check out his new site.
  • She pointed to the site where it all happened.

Cite is a verb and means to quote, mention formally, or refer to a source. It can also mean to summon to a court or issue a notice of violation. If you mean to refer to a source or issue a citation, use cite.


  • After becoming CEO, he cited many businesses that helped him.
  • White writing her paper, she was careful to cite her references.
  • The police brought him in for questioning and he was then cited.
  • He repeated the quote and cited the original author.
  • The students were reminded to cite their sources on their papers.
  • She reviewed the document and noted the resources that were cited.

Here is another hint you can use to help.
 can be associated with eyesight. If it involves vision or seeing, then use sight.
Site can be associated with situate. If it means a place or location, then use site.
Cite can be associated with citation. If it is a verb meaning to issue a notice or to quote something, use cite.

Please look at the chart for an easy summary and helpful reminder.

I hope you find this helpful. These tips and more grammar tips and tools are also on my website and blog. Thank you!
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