Lynn Miclea: Dimensions of Travel

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Dimensions of Travel

Lynn Miclea 

I looked into Michael’s warm, brown eyes. I loved him and trusted him. But this was crazy. What he was saying couldn’t be real.

My heart pounded as Michael grabbed my hand. “Come with me, Sara. I’ll show you. I’ll prove it. You can be a witness.”

I stared at him and smirked. “You can’t be serious.” I rolled my eyes. “A parallel universe. No way.”

“Sara, I promise. It’s real. And it’s safe.”

“This is insane.” I crossed my arms defiantly. “So where is this portal? How do we get there?” I tapped my foot. Michael was a gifted research scientist and had a great imagination, but this was ludicrous.

He calmly looked into my eyes and squeezed my hand. “There’s a portal at the beach. It works.” He licked his lips. “I swear. Just let me show you.”

I shook my head and sighed. What did I have to lose? “Fine,” I stated, deciding to humor him. “Show me.”

His face lit up. “Trust me, Sara.” He leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. He smiled and his eyes sparkled.

He set my soul on fire, and I would do anything for him. He was the most exciting and amazing man I had ever met. But this was still absurd. I hoped he wasn’t losing his grasp of reality. But I had to believe him. “Okay. Take me.”

Twenty minutes later, we got out of the car at the beach. “There,” he said pointing. “Come with me. The portal opens at set times. The next one is in five minutes.”

I took a deep breath of the salty, tangy, ocean air, feeling it fill my lungs. Slowly releasing my breath, I looked out over the sparkling white sand, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. An empty beach with the ocean lapping up onto the shore, the whoosh of the waves intoxicating.

I did trust Michael. But this was beyond my limit of what I could comprehend and believe. I turned to him. “So this will take us to an alternate universe?”

He smiled. “Yes. We’ve done extensive research. It’s real. It’s simply shifting into a new dimension along distinct energy specifications.”

I swallowed hard, my body trembling. “Is it dangerous?”

“No.” He hesitated. “Not that we know of, anyway.” He laughed and took my hand, the warmth of his strong hand enveloping mine. “I’ve never shown this to anyone else.” His voice was soft, filled with wonder and a touch of nerves. “Are you ready?”

“Michael, I don’t see anything here. This is—”

“You can trust me. I will never hurt you, Sara.”

We walked across the soft, white sand, our feet sinking in with each step. He led me to a patch of sand that was slightly darker and set in a small depression.

It seemed ridiculous. “Are you sure this—”

“Shhh. Close your eyes.” His voice was both calm and commanding.

As I closed my eyes, I briefly saw him remove a small device from a pocket. After hearing a few clicks, a buzzing sound surrounded me, and the air felt electrified. Fear crept up my spine and my teeth started chattering. I wanted to open my eyes, but a combination of fear and a strange pressure kept them shut.

Everything slowly eased up and the pressure dissipated. I slowly opened my eyes.

Dizziness rushed over me and I felt confused. Beginning to lose my balance, I started to fall to the side, and I felt Michael’s strong hands grab me and hold me to him.

“You okay?” His voice was warm and caring and felt soothing.

I nodded and looked around. We were still on the beach, but everything was different. Instead of an empty beach, there were a few small stands where snacks, jewelry, clothes, and trinkets were being sold. About thirty people milled around on the warm sand.

It looked peaceful, but somehow strange. How could things change so much on the same beach? “Where are we?” My voice was barely audible.

He chuckled. “I’m not sure, to be honest. I believe we’re in the same spot in an alternate universe. A parallel universe.”

I looked into his eyes. “So this is all happening at the same time as our universe?”

“Yes.” He sounded excited. “There are many alternate and parallel universes, times, and spaces, all happening at once. An infinite number.”

“But … that makes no sense. Are you sure this is safe?”

“I think so. I’ve done it many times already.” He pointed down the beach. “Come, let’s get something to eat and then go back. I just wanted you to see and experience this.”

“But how is this possible?”

Michael laughed. “You mean the physics and logistics of it?” He shrugged. “It’s tuning in to a different, specific energy frequency. It’s so exciting, but there is so much that we don’t understand yet. We are just starting to explore this, and there is still so much to learn.”

We started scuffing through the soft sand, and he continued. “But we have determined that there are infinite alternate or parallel universes, all existing at the same time, and we can access them. Each one has its own energy frequency. And most of them have the same people who have made different choices in their lives, and they live out a different life in each one. But some societies developed differently as well.”

My forehead scrunched. “So we could meet ourselves here?”

He shrugged. “Possibly. If we are alive in this one and if we came to this beach at this time.”

I shuddered. “That’s a lot to think about.” Even though the scene was serene, it was too much to take in and make sense of, and my nerves felt on edge.

He squeezed my hand and his eyes searched my face. “You doing okay?”

I nodded, feeling confused and overwhelmed.

He led me down the beach to a vendor selling ice cream. “Want one?”

I smiled. I was always up for ice cream.

Michael pointed at the picture of chocolate popsicles. “Two, please,” he said to the man standing behind the cart.

The man smiled and handed Michael two wrapped popsicles. Michael paid the vendor, and I unwrapped my ice cream. Biting into the sweet treat, I let the chocolate creaminess swirl around in my mouth. It felt normal and reassuring, and I started feeling better.

“We need to get back,” I murmured, taking another bite of ice cream. “I don’t want to get stuck here.”

“We’ll be fine.” Michael checked his watch. “Ten more minutes, and the portal will open again.” He pointed to another vendor. “Let me buy you something to remember this by, and as proof that we were here.”

I hesitated, then sighed. “Okay.”

We walked to another vendor who had various pieces of jewelry and other trinkets for sale. A gold pocket watch on a chain got my eye. It brought back memories of my grandfather. He had one just like that. In fact, I remembered he told me he had gotten it on his first wedding anniversary with my grandmother. I still remember the inscription that was inside. A marriage made in heaven. William & June. The memory made me smile and I picked up the watch and held it, feeling the coolness of the metal.

Michael paid the vendor, and I started opening the watch to see if there was an inscription in this one, but Michael grabbed my hand. “Come,” he urged. “The portal will only be open a few more minutes. I don’t want to miss it.”

I quickly closed the pocket watch and we hurried back across the beach. As we scurried across the soft sand, movement got my eye. Turning toward it, I saw a tall, lumbering, hairy creature. Taking in a quick breath, I pointed. “Is that—”

Michael laughed. “Oh, that’s right. Bigfoot is in this one, a natural and accepted part of society.”

“What?” I watched a few more seconds until Michael pulled me along.

“We don’t want to miss the portal opening,” he reminded me.

We stood on the same patch of darkened sand, and Michael brought out his device and punched a few buttons. I closed my eyes as the buzzing noise started. The pressure around us increased and the air felt electrified.

As the pressure eased a couple minutes later, I took an unsteady step forward and looked around. An empty stretch of soft, white sand stretched before us. Our beach. No vendors, no people, no Bigfoot. We were home.

Feeling relieved, I let out a long breath. The whole experience was strange. Had we really been in some alternate or parallel universe? What was that place? Was it real? Was it simply some type of hallucination? It made no sense.

Something dropped from my hand, and I didn’t even realize I had been holding something. Quickly looking down, I saw the gold pocket watch in the white sand. My hand shaking, I bent down and picked up the watch. It was real. We actually had been somewhere and I brought this back. It again reminded me of my grandfather’s watch … I opened it up and saw there was an inscription inside, and I eagerly read it.

I gasped and read it again.

A marriage made in heaven. William & June.

That was impossible. How could …

I turned toward Michael. “How … how …”

He smiled. “I have so much more to show you. This is just the start.”

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