Kirkman Ullman: Desert Mountain Trial

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Admin Note: This story carries a disclaimer for extreme violence and rape.

Desert Mountain Trial 

Kirkman Ullman

Sharice’s muscles strained as she ran kicking up sand behind her. She felt the sweat running down her back as the rays from the sun scorched her like an ant under a magnifying lens. She couldn’t stop now though. The desert mountain had gotten in view right before night hit the day before. 

“I’m so close. I just have to keep going,” she thought out loud.

That was when she heard the sound of a vehicle. What came next was a cry that made chalk on a chalkboard sound pleasant. She knew the yell meant they had spotted her. She attempted to run faster even though her muscles already were pushing their limits. The faster she ran, the closer the sound seemed to get. She knew she had to come up with an idea. She reached for her thigh where she kept a sharp knife and brought it close to her. A large rock was nearby that Sharice decided to duck behind. 

“I only have one chance at this.” She clutched the knife to her chest.

As the vehicle rounded the corner, she took them off guard. She ran at them with the speed of a leopard as if she was going for them, but she quickly stabbed two of the tires. Sharice attempted to run away towards the mountain. The attempt was cut short when her pursuers recovered quicker than she thought they would. One of the bigger guys threw a bola that caught Sharice around the feet. All three guys raced to keep her from going anywhere. Sharice attempted to kick, scratch, and bite her assailants but was only met with a hard slap to the face. 

“Hee hee. The redhead’s got some fight in her,” the big one said. 

“You know what they say,” started the stocky yet short guy, “them redheads got a fire in ’em.”

The third only grinned and nodded his head. The guys tied her up and took her back to the vehicle.

“Well thanks to her, I guess we will be walking back,” said the short one. 

The big guy put her over his shoulder. They started the walk back to where they had their camp. Sharice looked at the mountain as they walked away from it.

“So close yet so far,” she thought as they started their journey. 

It took nearly two days to walk back to their camp. She tried three times to escape. One time, she almost managed to cut the bigger guy’s throat while he slept. Another time, she kicked the short one in the face and attempted to choke him while her hands were bound. The third time, she tried hiding, but they found her.

She had finally stopped when they got close to the camp. It was a big hole in the ground that looked like a giant meteor could have caused it. When she looked down the hole, it looked like a work camp. She saw people standing over others with whips and sticks while they dug and broke rocks. At one point, she saw one of the people stumble and the person standing over them quickly hit them with the whip he was holding.

“There are only men here,” she made a mental note as they started walking down the trail into the hole. 

“Let’s take her to her new room, guys,” the short one commanded.

They took her to an opening that was in one corner of the work camp. The corridor led to multiple different rooms and at the end were cells with metal bars. They took her to one of the cells that had all women. When they opened the door, one woman with bright red hair came to the door on her knees. 

“Please, please can I have more to eat? I’m sorry I misbehaved. I promise it won’t happen again.” 

The big guy backhanded her. ”Maybe if you had that enthusiasm on your knees before, you would get more food.” They threw Sharice in there and locked the cell. Sharice looked around at the women. There were ten women and all looked weak and frail.

“How long have they had you guys in here,” Sharice asked. 

A short brunette woman answered, “It’s hard to really tell time in here, but some have been here maybe a month. Others have been three or so. They keep us here until they get bored with us.” 

Sharice gave a confused look. ”What do you mean bored?” 

The woman’s eyes went to the floor, “Well… they use us to make sure they… get pleased. If we get boring and don’t do enough for them, they… they….” The girl stopped talking and turned away. 

Sharice was going to ask more questions when the gate opened and a blond woman got thrown in the cell. “Hey, Phoenix head. You come here!” the guy said aggressively. The redhead she saw before came up to him. “It seems you really displeased one of the boys so much that he said I should off you.” 

The redhead got down on her knees and pleaded for him to forgive her. “I’ll do anything you want just please don’t kill me!” the redhead said frantically.

“Oh anything? Good. You’re already on your knees.” He unzipped his pants. Without hesitation, she took his cock in her mouth and began pleasing him in front of everyone until he was satisfied. “Ahhh that was good. Now back to business.” He proceeded to drag her out of the cell by her hair while she kicked and screamed. He then drew his machete and took her head off for everyone to see. He looked at the short brunette girl and said, “You’re up next, girl. Remember, don’t disappoint. She glanced at Sharice as she went out of the cell. “Someone will be by for you, redhead,” he said to Sharice as he was leaving. Sharice turned back towards the other women trying to ask questions about the place, but no one would talk to her. 

She waited until the short guy from earlier came to the cell door. “Come with me, redhead.” 

Sharice followed him until he got to a room. After pushing her in the room, he slammed the door behind them. Before she could even do anything, he attempted to bend her over a table. Sharice tried resisting and he began aggressively trying to pull her shorts down. “I knew you would be a fighter,” he said as he spread her legs. She threw one of her legs back and kicked his knee. “Ow, you fucking bitch!” he yelled. He drew his hand back to slap her, but before he could, she knocked him to the ground and bit him hard. He tried wrestling with her, but she had gained the advantage by getting on top of him. She punched him in the eye. 

“Don’t you dare try touching me that way. I will kill you!” she yelled. She wrapped her hands around his neck as she attempted to choke him until she heard the door bust open. She quickly grabbed the keys at his waist and rolled off of him to try and get away, but the guys were quickly on her. She managed to stick the key in her bra before they got her. 

The short guy got up holding his eye. “Oh, so you want to be a little fucking bitch and hit me in my damn eye! We have something in store for you.” His fist reared back and he hit her so hard she blacked out.

She was awoken by an unfamiliar voice. “Get up! Time to go to work.”

She looked around while rubbing her head. The cell wasn’t the same one she had been in before with the women. She then quickly felt around her bra.

“The key I snagged from him is still there,” she thought to herself. Sharice let out a sigh of relief. 

“Hurry up!” the guy yelled at her. 

She got up and followed him out of the cell she had been in. He was leading her to the place she saw all the men working when she first got here. “Take this and don’t get any bright ideas,” he said as he gave her a pick axe. “Go over there with those men and keep working until we tell you to stop. If you find something, let us know.” She went over to where he directed and started hitting the rock.

“A woman!” a random guy said. This was followed by other murmurs of astonishment until the original one who talked got whipped in the back by a stick. 

“Shut your fucking mouths,” the guard yelled. Sharice started focusing more on hitting the rock until she heard a voice next to her.

”Keep looking forward and act like we are not talking.” She listened to the voice. “Did you go to where they keep the rest of the women?” the man asked. 

“Yes,” Sharice responded. 

“Did… did you see a redheaded woman there?”

 “Yes, at first I did.”

“At first?” he said in a puzzled tone. 

“Soon after I arrived, a guy entered…” she started but was cut off. 

“Quiet,” he said in a quick and hushed manner. They acted normally as a guard passed by them. 

Once they saw the guard get out of earshot, she continued. “A guy came in after I got there and said she had upset some other guy. She pleaded for her life on her knees and even tried… convincing him while on her knees.” The guy shuddered, so Sharice went over that part. “The man then dragged her out and cut her head off.” 

The guy seemed to gulp and hesitate before working as if he didn’t hear any of that. “Thank you for letting me know. I just had to find out because,” he paused as his voice cracked and his body shook a little, “because she was my wife. I just wish I could’ve been able to see her. To save her.” She listened as his voice became more strained.

“I’m sorry you found out this way, but what if I told you there was a way to avenge her?” 

The guy got very serious. “I would gladly give my last breath to be able to watch her murderer pay for what he did, but many have attempted to get out of here. None have managed. I doubt you could either.” 

”Others probably didn’t already have a key.”

The guy looked at her astonished. “Really?” 

Sharice quickly flashed the set of keys before hiding them again. “I could leave tonight and just leave you to suffer here, or I could make a stop by where you guys stay and open the door on my way out. Which do you prefer?” 

The guy’s tone got even more serious. “If you are serious about this, I will gladly put my life on the line as long as you give me one thing. Point out the guy to me when the time comes so I can avenge my wife.” 

She smiled to herself. “I can do that. Be ready tonight. It will be soon after they put us in our cells. Rally all the men and prepare them as well.” She went back to work knowing now she would have a distraction to get out of there. Sharice spent the rest of the day working and trying her best to not slow down so she wouldn’t end up whipped. At the end of the day, she was taken back to her cell. 

She wasn’t there too long before she noticed the short guard come by the cell. “How did you enjoy your day out there, you little bitch,” he said in a mocking tone. 

The point of her nails dug into the palm of her hands as she braced herself for what she was about to do. Her head tilted slightly, and she brushed her hair behind her ear. “I think I’ve had some time to rethink how I acted,” she said in a sultry voice.

The short man’s eyebrows raised. “Had a feeling you would come around.” 

A smile that she used to seduce many men before spread across her face. “How about we go back to that room and give it another shot?” The man looked a little in thought. Sharice decided he needed more convincing. She walked up to the cells moving her hips more than usual. “I can do some very amazing things with my tongue.”

He quickly replied, “Alright, but if you try anything this time, I’ll make sure you pay for it with your life.” He let her out of the cell and led her into the room. She immediately went for his belt and took it off then placed it on the table. 

“Oh didn’t know such a short man would be so big.” She gave him a teasing smile. The words seemed to hurt his ego a little because he decided to turn her around on the table instead. He began to pull her shorts down, but before he could finish, she kicked him right in his crotch. “I told you I would kill you if you touched me like that,” she said as she grabbed the belt and wrapped it around his neck before he could call for anyone. The belt tightened even more as she took him down to the ground. Her knee was placed in the middle of his back, and she pulled with all her strength. He kicked and flailed as much as he could. His nails dug into her thighs as he reached back in a way that reminded her of a wild animal in intense agony. After pulling for what seemed like minutes, the flailing got weaker and weaker until his body went limp. She kept applying pressure for a while longer until she was sure he couldn’t be faking it, then she let him go. After searching his body for anything that might help her, she came across a knife that she put at her side just in case. 

As she exited the room, she looked both ways down the corridor to make sure nobody was near to hear the struggle. The corridor stayed silent and free from life, so she started her way out. Men yelling started to ring throughout the corridor as she was leaving. One voice stood out above the rest though on account of its obnoxious manner. 

“You fucking cheat. There’s no way you won three times in a row, you damn lying bastard,” the voice boomed. It was a voice Sharice recognized as the man who cut off the woman’s head when she first arrived. “Ahh so that’s where you are,” she thought to herself right before sneaking past the door during their commotion. As she came out into the opening where they made the men work, she looked around in the night to find where she saw them take the men. 

She found the entrance but then thought, “What good will these men be as a distraction without having some type of weapons?” Sharice looked around trying to think of something to do when she saw the area piled with pick axes. “That should work,” she thought as she went to release the men. When she got to their cells, the men were all awake and ready to go. 

“See, men,” the man she made the plan with before said, “I told you guys she would be here.” 

She opened the cell and handed him the keys. “The guy who killed your wife is in a room near where the women are kept. He’s the loud and obnoxious one. Make sure you get the pick axes if you are going to stand a chance against these guys.”

The man questioned, “What will you do now?” 

“I will make my way for a vehicle and get out of here.”

He gave her his thanks before rushing away with the other men. She left the area and started making her way to the top of the hole. Once she got out, she saw the vehicles guarded by one person. Sharice tried to quickly sneak up on him, but he turned around when she got close. He pulled out his machete and started hacking at her. Sharice dodged the attacks then swiped at his feet. The guy tried recovering, but Sharice was faster. She had managed to get on top of him, but her advantage was short lived when he grabbed her by the hair and snatched her off. He tossed her off of him and picked up the machete. He ran at Sharice looking intent on killing her. She reached for the knife she got before and tackled him. Before he could do anything, she buried the knife in his throat. She grabbed the keys he had and left in the direction of the mountain. 

The trip took her less than a day this time. Once she got there, she waited until a helicopter finally showed up. They hovered over the mountain as a ladder was lowered for her. 

When she got in the helicopter, Phillip, a man working for the agency that dropped her off in the desert, asked her, “Did you enjoy your time there?”

“Like a day at the spa.” The sarcasm stuck out in her tone like a horse amongst donkeys. Phillip ignored it though. 

“Well, you passed the trial. Are you ready for the real mission now?” 

Sharice looked over the desert sand as it seemed to roll over itself in a never-ending fashion. She thought about the man who lost his wife and both men whose lives she had taken. If she wasn’t ready now, she never would be. 

“Let me hear it.”

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    Admin Note: This story carries a disclaimer for extreme violence and rape. Kirkman Ullman tell us of Sharice harrowing time in the desert but it’s all in a day’s work. Enjoy this intriguing story and visit Kirkman on the web!


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