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Tanja Cilia

We noticed a login to your account @manna_nectar_ambrosia from a new device. Was this you?

Well, actually, it was, and it wasn’t. I hate to break it to you, but when you read this, I will have gone back to where I came from.

You know the double statue of Nyuserre?

You know Nimrud’s Striding Sphinxes?

You know The Sanxing [Fu, Lu, and Shou]?

You know the opal statue of Lakshmi and Ganesha copulating, unearthed last year in Australia?

Well, so do I — I actually crafted them myself. So, you see, since in my universe we have the decimal system, not imperial measurements, I had to come back to create my fifth opus, the one to beat them all!

So, ladies and laddies, here you are: The Leonine Seraphim, at the entrance of Shin-au-av in Death Valley in the Mojave Desert.

You are seeing them now, because I arranged for a temporal shift, to keep them hidden until I was spaceborne and well out of your spatial light cone.

In order to do this, I had to send my clone to access my e-mail account from my go-to Base Office in Malta, which everybody knows is what remains of Atlantis.

I needed to hack into the records of the Thorjan Empire, so that I could make the statues enough like those that were destroyed in The Great Flood, to confound archaeologists.

Then, I had to coordinate the tectonic plates to cause the tsunami that would sweep away the sand from where I had hidden the statues. It’s easy, when you are a whiz at Applied Mathematics.

Lo and behold! All the world’s media was taken aback that such an opus had lain, well, stood actually, hidden for all these years. They can’t identify the stone, they can’t hydrocarbon-date it, and they can’t place the style.

My job is done.

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More of Tanja’s writing can be found on her blog: https://paperjacketblog.wordpress.com/