Jenny Booker: The Future

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The Future

By Jenny Booker

“That’s the fifth one in fifteen minutes, mummy!” Molly said.

“I wonder where that one is going to? Somewhere exotic like Japan or Africa? Maybe the UK or somewhere fancy like France?” She beamed, still looking up.

“I want to be a pilot one day — Queen of the sky they will call me,” she said, now looking down at her melting ice cream.

“Of course you will, sweetheart, anything is possible if you work hard and put your mind to it,” she said hoping she might change her mind.

“But then again I want to be like you, mummy, and be a nurse as I like helping people.”

“Well you will know what you want to do soon enough, but now finish your ice cream as we need to head to a few more places — it’s the last day of our holiday,” she said, pulling her daughter in for a quick squeeze.

Time was going by so quickly these days, and not much of it was now spent together due to conditions.

“Thank you, mummy, for this trip. I really enjoyed it!” She smiled.

Did she want to go back though? I mean heaven is lovely and everything, but she misses her daughter so much and every moment she could she will always watch over her. It’s nice that she is allowed to come down and be like everyone else for a short while. After all, that’s what angels’ jobs are for, but seeing her go back to her stepmother breaks her every time.

If only she hadn’t gotten on that plane.

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