Jenny Booker: No Escape

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No Escape

By Jenny Booker

The day was perfect for her, a much needed break away from all the stress and drama that unfolded in the past few days.

The holiday camp was peaceful and all that she thought it would be like. They found their cabin after checking in and unpacked as quickly as they could so they could set off for lunch and a bike ride before dark.

The sun was blessing them and all was well.

Or so it seemed…

Little did she know that during all this, a car was slowing down and with a grunt stopped. The rusty vehicle had gone well off the beaten track.

Glancing at the rearview mirror he saw the cabin behind and saw her going inside.

“Found you,” he said with a sense of relief.

He got out a flask of hot coffee and waited — he wanted to savour the moment. As the sky changed colour and the air turned cooler he started to tap his fingers on the steering wheel.

Eventually, he saw the light turn on, alerting him that it was time. He got out and the noise of the car door broke the silence of the forest — scaring some woodland habitants away. He started to walk along the stoney pathway with a gun in his hand.

A few moments later a scream and a few shots sounded the air, then the light went out.

It’s midnight now and two bodies are lying on the cabin floor next to a gun…

All was not well at Camp Roxwood.

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