Jenny Booker: NASA Calling

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NASA Calling

By Jenny Booker

The distant sound of ringing woke her up — it wasn’t her alarm clock as she tried hitting out at it, but yet that noise continued and in realisation it was her phone.

“Who can be ringing at this time?” she thought, glancing over at the clock and picked it up.

Unknown number, it read across the screen.

“Hello?” she said, pressing the green button while stifling a yawn.

“Ms. Bethany Trill?” a male voice boomed back.

“Yes that’s me — can I ask who this is?” she said worriedly with the sudden change of atmosphere.

“This is calling to let you know your presence is requested at NASA.”

“Really?” she stuttered, amazed and unsure of how they got her number and what they wanted her for.

“Yes we will fetch a car for you in one hour and then you will be briefed — thank you,” a quick response replied.

Then the sound of silence.

“What on earth is going on?” she muttered, wondering if she was still dreaming.

She pinched herself too, then regretted that. Shaking her head, she stretched and went downstairs to grab a strong coffee pondering what they wanted and getting more nervous as the hour passed.

The doorbell rang just in time for her to glance in the mirror to check if she looked fine for where she was going.

“Ms. Trill?” the guy asked.

“Yes,” she said looking at the car they sent her — how fine!

The journey took ages and she felt tense as they arrived at the headquarters. Stepping out of the car, the cool breeze cooled her down.

Walking into the building she was greeted by three men and a lady all shaking her hand and thanking her for coming at such short notice — she wanted to say not like she had a choice but declined as they looked like they had never seen sarcasm before.

They led her to the lift and she saw that one of the men pressed a hidden button before the lady shoved a paper to her face asking her to sign it.

“What am I signing? Why am I here?” she stuttered getting a bit frustrated.

“It’s a confidentiality agreement and as soon as you sign it you will understand, Ms. Trill,” the other man said.

Hesitant, she grabbed the pen and felt like she signed her soul away before the lift opened to reveal a grey corridor and white suits hanging up next to the door.

“Please put this on,” the man who pressed the button asked.

She put on the white suit shaking, but the lady smiled and asked if she was ready.

“Ready for what?” she muttered.

Then the door opened to reveal why.

“You are the best scientist, are you not? We need your help,” the lady said then paused looking away.

“The rocket that we sent off came back a few days ago and as you can see our astronauts also came back…” she trailed off.

In front of her were three men, but not as you would expect them to look like.

“We need you to help us in finding a cure and as to what happened — we have a team for you next door,” the lady continued and now looked at her with hope and desperation.

“Right!” was all she could find herself saying in a high voice.

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