Marian Wood: Is there intelligent life somewhere else in the universe?

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Is there intelligent life somewhere else in the universe?

By Marian Wood

Our universe and Janet

Looking out of the window, listening to the other residents talking and laughing, Janet had had a long life. Often thinking about the universe, she was forty-five when the first man walked on the moon. The day was significant for her as all the family was huddled around the television knowing a new baby was due to be born any day. Watching the rocket take off, they all cheered, the excitement of later seeing them step out of the craft onto the moon’s surface was something they would never forget.

20 July 1969 — United States — Apollo 11 — the first manned mission to land on the moon. The two Astronauts — were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

* * * * *

Theresa’s story

It was on that day, 20th July 1969, with all the family sitting around, that my mum, Lisa, went into labour. I was born that evening, a healthy eight pounds of fun and hard work. Now at fifty years old, I have my own children, no grandchildren just yet. My mother was young when she had me and my grandmother seems to have the secret to long life.

However, I have maintained an interest in Astronomy and the universe. I will never land on the moon, but I enjoy looking at it through my telescope. My daughter Rosie will often join me, admiring its craters; it often looks inhabited. As if there are creatures playing in the pools, we can only imagine what it really looks like. Through what we have seen on television, the terrain appears to be rocky, not smooth. I would be interested to visit but I’m not sure whether I could really handle the trip.

Reading online, I’ve learned that there are many technicalities with landing on the moon, it is not as straightforward as parking a car. There are soft landings and hard landings. For humans this needs to be a soft landing, approach it too quickly then it is a crash landing. The moon also has gravity, so this also affects landing and taking off.

My visitor

With an interest in Astronomy, we like to look at the other planets and discuss the solar system and universe, but this is as far as we get. It’s a debate, a philosophical discussion of what is out there, is there intelligent life on other planets? We do not know. Do they visit us? Again, we don’t know, they could be walking among us, but we don’t know. However, there are times that I do question in my mind the words, alien or human? Shapeshifter or human? Yes, I read too much Sci-Fi, but there are days that I question whether it really is fiction.

I work in a small shop located on the main town’s high street selling bags and shoes, nothing exciting, but yesterday something strange happened that did make me think and question things. It was an ordinary cold Thursday in November, and a man walked in, tall, big ears, bald, wearing shorts, short-sleeve top, socks, and sandals. He looked out of place and said he was conducting a survey on shoes. Is this normal human behaviour? Who studies shoes? And if you did, would you dress like him? It was cold outside, and the heating was on in the shop.

Mind racing, trying not to think of aliens and how large our universe is, I did my best to help him. Questions on who is likely to purchase what? Age groups and gender. It was the highlight of my day and we have discussed him since. Surely, he was a normal human being with bad dress sense on a cold day.

Ziba’s story

It had been a long day and a quiet Sunday. We were all woken from sleep early one Monday morning when we heard what we thought could be thunder. Having explored other planets and the enormity of the universe, we had learned about the weather on Earth but had never heard anything so loud on the moon. The smell of fuel and the smoke was horrendous. Hiding in our craters, we watched as the two men wearing white bounced out of the noisy craft. They stayed for nearly a day; they talked on their radios and then left the following evening. We had a frantic nearly twenty-two hours hiding from them, not wanting to be seen.

We decided that we explore other planets around the universe, so why shouldn’t these humans be here? However, if they had seen us, I’m sure they would be wanting to study us as we study them.

Men on the moon

They didn’t seem to do much, they bounced around for a while and then got back into their craft. Before this day and since we have found devices which we assume come from Earth. However, if they want to find us, we are cleverer than that. Humans must never know of our existence; it is all part of a greater part of a higher plan. Whilst Earthlings go about their lives, they are always being watched. Is God a deity or is he one of us? Are we Aliens or are we God’s Angels watching over mankind? I’m not allowed to say but I do know that everything in life happens for a reason.

It is all part of a greater plan, man has to learn, and mistakes need to be made. Without mistakes, man could not move forward. At this moment in time we are entertained with Britain trying to leave the European Union, BREXIT they’ve called it. They have debated it for years now, will they leave? I’m not allowed to say but we have certainly placed some obstacles in their way, and we have a lady on the inside, keeping us informed of the situation.

Humans are interesting to study, they debate our existence, but for now, we are safe. If they recognised us amongst them, there would be panic; we might be locked in one of their zoos. I don’t think the human brain in 2019 could handle the existence of people who live on the moon, the planets, or somewhere else in our shared universe.

The shoe shop

Walking into Brearleys, I couldn’t help notice the looks that I received. I kicked myself for forgetting that humans feel the cold. I should have ensured that I was wearing warmer clothes, not shorts and short sleeves. Quizzing the lady on shoe habits, I think I got away with it and I bought myself some nice new trainers, I fit well into a UK size 10. Our master, Lorcus, sets us tasks that we need to carry out. Visiting Earth, taking surveys and entering into people’s thoughts is all part of what we do. We would never want to harm a human though it has happened by accident. Rogue workers who have inputted detrimental thoughts into humans’ minds, ending in a crime which wouldn’t have usually been committed. These workers were dealt with severely as we are there to help teach lessons in life, not to cause harm.

Visiting the care home (Theresa’s story)

After my experience with the bald-headed man, Rosie and I have decided that he was just an odd man with an interest in shoes. Why would he be anything else? There is only talk of Aliens living among us and I’m sure I haven’t just met one. Why would they be interested in our buying habits and shoes anyway?

So, I am now at the care home, visiting my grandmother with Rosie. She has said there is so much that we don’t know about the universe, why shouldn’t there be people living on the moon, hiding in the craters. She felt there were certainly others amongst us, maybe studying and conducting research. Her wise words to me are always,

“Theresa, love, you need to follow your gut. If you think something is wrong, then it probably is.”

I considered her wise words; she is ninety-five and full of wisdom and life experience. She’s only in the home because she is too frail to care for herself, but her mind is still there. We are wondering if she will reach one hundred. She is one of the eldest residents and right now she is fighting fit.


So, are there Aliens among us? And do you think you would recognise one? My gut says there was definitely something not right about my visitor yesterday. However, I guess it is something that we can only debate over. We will only really know if one reveals themselves to us and really why would they? How would humans react? I think they know, and if they do exist then that is why they are hiding.

Sitting here now, holding my grandmother’s hand, she has now drifted off to sleep. Rosie and I are here happy in her company and enjoying observing the calm of the day. The care staff going about their work, supporting with toileting, eating and drinking. The little lady sat in her chair knitting, another drawing and a man with his head hung down, sleeping.

For now, we are all at peace in the world and that is how we want it to stay. If there is life on other planets and the moon, hopefully, they will never cause us harm. If we happen to find them, I hope we are just as civil.

Since the moon landings, man has learned so much, but for now no hard evidence as far as we know, of intelligent life. If there is life up there then they are doing a great job of hiding. If my visitor was from another planet, he appeared gentle and did not cause me any harm. I do wonder though, what will the next fifty years reveal? 

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