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Host Paul W. Reeves of “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” on Impact Radio USA has provided many interesting and informative interviews with authors, some members of Writers Unite!, who have impacted the world of writing. We will be posting these interviews periodically so that you can enjoy listening to the experiences and advice these authors offer.

Join host and WU! admin, Paul W. Reeves as he talks with author and comic/graphic novel publisher Dave Noe from a show broadcast on October 30, 2017.

Click to listen to the podcast of the radio show interview:  https://pod.co/impact-radio-usa/author-david-noe-10-30-17

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David Noe lives in the middle of the United States and has written several books.

Many of his books, like Trade of the Tricks and Odds and Ends, are light and funny and action-filled. Others like Minsa, are adult and dark. Some are poetry collections like Scanner Code. His nonfiction guide to rentals and renting is called, Living In Someone Else’s House. It’s filled with great advice and incredible true stories and experiences from thirty years in the rental business.

His latest collection is called simply, KIN. It’s short stories and poetry about family that will make you laugh and cry. As for the laughing part, Voices In My Pen, is an insane romp through David’s mind. It’s filled with wacky poems and lists and stories and jokes. It’s kooky and clever with satire and parody and nonsense!

He has jumped headfirst into the realm of graphic novels with All-New Popular Comics, a genre-jumping adventure series of short comic book stories featuring characters from the now-defunct Dell Comics Group and introducing brand new characters too! He and a band of other writers and artists tackle a new old universe full of amazing tales.

Similarly, in prose form, he has created an entire city in Welcome to Honeycomb, USA. In it, he has invited other authors to join in his sandbox to bring this 1950 small town to life as it lives on the edge of a new era.

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Learn more about Dave and all the work he has published since the air date of this interview on Facebook and his publishing website:




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Host Paul Reeves

A product of the Detroit area, Wayne State University, and Eastern Michigan University, Paul W. Reeves, Ed.D, has spent over 30 years as a professional educator and musician, as well as his work as a radio talk show host and author.

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Caroline Giammanco: Fly, Fly Away

Welcome to Write the Story! Each month Writers Unite! will offer a writing prompt for writers to create a story from and share with everyone. WU! wants to help our members and followers to generate more traffic to their platforms. Please check out the authors’ blogs, websites, Facebook pages and show them support. We would love to hear your thoughts about the stories and appreciate your support! 

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Fly, Fly Away

By Caroline Giammanco

The time has come. I never pictured myself as an Edward Snowden type. You know, the guy who leaked government information to Julian Asange, becoming either a hero or a traitor in the eyes of Americans. I, Joe Beeker, have lived an average life, and I thought nothing interesting would ever happen to me. I was wrong.

Sure, I’d played on my high school’s football team when we won state, but the truth is I was a third-string bench sitter. I didn’t do anything to add to the glory of the win. My dad let me know it, too. Still, it worked to get a few dates, and that was good enough for me. 

Since high school, I’ve worked one bland bureaucratic job after another, slowly making my way up the Civil Service ranks. The pay hasn’t been bad, but it’s hard to impress anyone with tales of the paper cuts I got from file folders or the eye strain I’ve had from staring at my computer screen. In the world of bureaucrats, there are no scars from ACL tears or other war wounds to brag about. Let’s just say my dating scene has been a game of solitaire. Geeky clerks in the Department of Defense aren’t exactly hot items on Tumblr.

But none of that really means anything. Not after what I discovered.

On October 23rd, as I did a routine inventory of the files in the back room, I stumbled across something that changed the way I view the world. All the signs have been here for generations, but none of us caught on. The government has kept us in the dark, even while the enemy has lived among us for centuries. 

“They” will claim that they did it to avoid mass hysteria. That sounds like a nice gesture, but I don’t believe it. I think they’ve kept us ignorant so we wouldn’t question why they made decisions for us—and why money has been made by them and their cronies while the rest of us were considered ignorant peons. Big secrets mean big money.

Have you ever wondered why mega-chemical companies, the ones whose products were proven to cause cancer, have thrived? The makers of all the big insecticides knew their products killed us, but the government never did anything to protect us. 

I always thought lobbyists had too much power, and now I know why. It goes beyond simple greed. It has to do with power, control, and fear. It has to do with leaders who want to keep us ignorant so we can’t question if they are making good decisions for us. 

Have you ever wondered why we were raised to loathe certain things in our world? “Don’t touch that. It might be dirty,” our mothers and grandmothers warned us. We were groomed to hate insects, especially flies, because they were “dirty.” No one moved faster than my grandmother after a fly in her kitchen.

My dog eats God knows what, and he rolls around in all sorts of nasty things he finds, but I was never told to hate my dog. I never really thought about it before, but now it makes perfect sense.

I wasn’t supposed to know any of this, and now my life is in danger. Before I die, or I’m exiled like Snowden, I have to tell the truth. The public has a right to know. I never wanted to be a whistleblower, but here I am.

I found it by accident when I was cleaning out those files at work. My world view shifted on October 23rd, and I ferreted the information out with me under my jacket. It seemed like such a simple way of getting secrets out of a government building. I watched too many spy movies where strained music played in the background letting the viewers know it was a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse. My experience was so humdrum. I waved to the receptionist as I left, and that was that. 

Don’t think I wasn’t stressed. I was shaking so bad that I thought someone would notice. Then I thought about it and realized no one ever noticed me. I could have worn a t-shirt saying, “Hey, look at me stealing these files,” and I don’t think it would have caught anyone’s attention. 

Nevertheless, I sat up that entire night, staring at the stack of secrets, about to have a nervous breakdown. I went to work the next day wondering if I’d be arrested by the FBI, but no men in dark suits arrived. Day after day I went to work, and no one noticed I’d just committed theft of top-secret material. 

It’s taken me a few weeks to wrap my head around what I need to do. Our lives are at stake, so I’ve decided I can’t keep quiet. It’s too late anyway, but you should know. I’m not giving this information to Julian Asange, a man I despise personally. No, I’m posting this on social media so it can be read and shared by everyday Joes, just like me, Joe Beeker.

I’m leaving this manifesto, so if I disappear, at least someone will have seen the truth. Time may be running out for me.

The rocket is taking off right about now. The die is cast. 

You see, those flies that our parents (and their parents before them, going back through the generations) taught us to hate aren’t some common pest that mankind has lived with forever. They arrived on our planet a few centuries ago, aliens from another world, but our leaders haven’t wanted us to know there was life outside our blue sphere. So far, it’s been an even fight. The flies adapted to our planet easily, and even though they have been able to reproduce in rapid fashion, we’ve kept them at bay. Whether it was grandma’s fly swatter, or the cancer-causing chemicals we spray, humans kept the alien menace in check. 

I’m attaching the files with this manifesto, and in them the human casualties from chemical exposure have been called “unfortunate collateral damage.” You can read their words yourself. My brother, a patriot who retired from the Air Force, was exposed to who knows what, and he died of cancer. I don’t find any comfort in those bureaucratic euphemisms. They knew they were poisoning their own people.

We should have known what was happening, but we didn’t. We should have known before the alien threat became what it has. In the last few months our government has known there is a mass movement of flies, trillions of them, headed in our direction. Their goal, according to our intelligence, is to take over Earth once and for all.

The rocket launch, reported by the media as just another satellite expedition, is far from mundane. Nano-technology advancements have allowed our government to build a mass army of billions of nano-soldiers. Those troops are launching to fight the war on fly territory before they reach our planet. 

Some will call me a traitor. I broke my government’s trust by revealing what I uncovered. As an American, I find shame in disappointing Uncle Sam. However, as a human being, I couldn’t let us face annihilation, should this rocket’s mission fail, without people knowing why this is happening.

If you never hear from me again, good luck and Godspeed.

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Check out Caroline’s website! http://www.booniehatbandit.com/