Kenneth Lawson: I Was There

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I Was There

By Kenneth Lawson

“I was there.”

He picked up a copy of the now-famous picture of the Apollo 11 launch and showed it to his cohort.

“What do you mean you were there?” 

“It was my last assignment, back when I could shapeshift at will and stay in an inanimate object at will for an extended period of time. They wanted to know exactly what the humans were doing on the moon, and I figured if I was going for the ride, I should go all the way and made sure I went on the moonwalk.”

“How did you do it?”

“He only thought he was wearing his Omega Speedmaster watch. What he was actually wearing was me, in the shape of his watch, and he never knew the difference. His watch never left earth, but he doesn’t need to know that.

His cohort shook his head. “The world doesn’t need to know that.” He chuckled. “There are a lot of things that the world doesn’t need to know. See you at the symposium.” With a slap on his back, his cohort left. 

Weary, he wandered over to his Eames lounge chair and planted himself in it. It had been decades since he had thought about his last mission. But with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and walks, the world was focusing on history. Yes, it was cool, and he had witnessed most of it in one shape or another. 

The world wasn’t ready to know about the shapeshifting and technology advanced beings that had been living among them for centuries. They had hidden in plain sight and had been monitoring earth growth for eons, ever since the first man built a fire and scared off a wild animal. Now they had been to the moon, with machines that were held together with wire and rivets and hopes and dreams. It had worked, but he knew how close they had really come to blowing up the whole thing, and no one or anything coming back. It was in his report. 

That last mission had taken much more out of him than he realized; over the next few months he had problems changing his shape and holding it. Eventually, he had to make one final shapeshift and he became human. Permanently.

It had been years since he’d become human and he was starting to show the years. He knew he wasn’t long for the world. His time was fast running out.

He spent the last few months collecting all his files, organizing them, and getting ready for his final report.

Soon he would present his findings to the High Council of Planets.

He already knew what his ending would be.

Humans were not ready to know about them, and probably never would be. 

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