Rebonea Setae: What Lurks Beneath

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What Lurks Beneath

By Rebonea Setae

As I lurk beneath the muddy water, making ripples, I try to forge my way home. Centuries have passed and my spirit is long forgotten. My disappearance made headlines. A search party was formed. As I wade beneath the water, the desperate wailing of my mother still echoes around me. Her voice raw from emotion begging God for my return, pleading with our ancestors for a miracle.

My young legs struggle against the vines that hold me hostage. The sound of them leaving fills me with panic. Opening my mouth to shout only to be silenced by the rush of dirty water filling my lungs. Uncontrollable tears make their way down my ashy face. Red rimmed bloodshot eyes stare out to the foggy sky. What a sight I must have made. The last searcher leaves the forest leaving me encompassed by an eerie silence. 

My first night was terrifying but I had hope that soon they would find me and finally I would be able to make my way home. A month has passed, my earlier hope having long diminished to nothing but a speck of dust. My mortal body having long given up, leaving behind rotten flesh and bones. What lurks beneath? A little girl who never made her way home. A young spirit wandering aimlessly searching for a way home, searching for eternal rest among her kin. Those who remembered her but have long left this world. Dusk approaches, my legs ache from trekking the whole day. Looking around, I find myself exactly where I started centuries ago and every day since. A broken tangled mess lies beneath the muddy water.

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