Chiman Salih: The Castle of Silence

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The Castle of Silence 

By Chiman Salih 

O, Silence, 

You appeared as a shining star in my sky, 

Without covert and sans any dye.

I never saw your face not gazed in your eye

but in your dovetail, I can’t wait to die. 

But; before I go die, 

Take me to a wonderland,

Where the cypress trees are high, 

Their hair touch the sky, 

Their feet frosted in water, 

Which is pure just like springs over nighttime

Or snake’s eye. 

Their root stuck in a diamond-like light, 

They witnessed thousands of tales of love and sigh, 

Over time, they became the most sapient on this planet 

If they poured out their mind and admit. 

Oh, Silence, 

I know from the old tallies, 

That “fishes are fresh as long as they are in water” 

They are fortunate omen creatures, with beauty. 

I want to stow my wishes in this watered site. 

Hope a shiny star will sneak onto the earth, 

Right into the inside of this aquarium with magic wide. 

Trace my words, which stashed in the fallen folded leaves,

The leaves which are sailed by fishes. 

They keep my wishes away from dream-thieves 

To release my uphill fluke 

To be fine once like a snake’s eye

Or reflection of a diamond ray, 

To be supple once like the scenes in this paradise site. 

Until then, 

I commit silence with utmost delight. 

Oh, Silence,

Make me out of this gridlock 

Give me back my luck 

Take me to this magical wide earthly aquarium. 

Until the gate. 

To bury my wishes there

Until they go hatched, 

Under the light, the fishes’ glamours eye

Happy sailers, love, stars, 

Greenery, algae 

And the blessing of the sky. 

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