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Paul Webster: Down the Bayou

Welcome to Write the Story! Each month Writers Unite! will offer a writing prompt for writers to create a story from and share with everyone. WU! wants to help our members and followers to generate more traffic to their platforms. Please check out the authors’ blogs, websites, Facebook pages and show them support. We would love to hear your thoughts about the stories and appreciate your support! 

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Down the Bayou

By Paul Webster 

I woke as the day dawned

Drifting down that solemn lane

I found you missing

The want of you, I’m undone

Leaving me empty and alone

This is the day of all days

I’ve dreamed my last song

Sailed my last thought

This journey toward nowhere

Stained my forever

I’m done, you are gone!

That day you drifted by saved me

As the life we lived made me

Awoke to my reason gave me

Alone again, it’s just me

I said all there’s to say

Why am I still here?

I gave all I had to give

Why am I still here?

This requirement to walk alone

Is no longer viable 

Why am I still here?

Tell me, please, why am I still here?

I enter the channel silently

Floating up one lane then another

The water is soothing to my soul

Blending, for this is now mine

I shade my clothes by layer

Their weight is pressing me down

The end is near I smile

Your freedom is now mine

I appeared as the day dawned

Drifting down that solemn lane

While within I consumed her

Fulfilling a lost longing

Being is serene, once again

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