Dr. Paul’s Family Talk: Erin Crocker

“Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” on Impact Radio USA

While Impact Radio USA’s “Dr. Paul’s Family Talk” program is on vacation, let’s listen to some of our member’s interviews from past shows.

Join host and WU! admin, Paul W. Reeves as he talks with author and actress Erin Crocker about her writing and acting career from the radio show on 12-06-18.

Click to listen to the podcast of the radio show interview: https://pod.co/impact-radio-usa/author-actress-erin-crocker-12-5-18

ERIN CROCKER, an author, and now an actress, too, from Virginia, will call in to tell us about her latest release, Forbidden, which will be released next Monday. In addition, Erin will update us on the success of her first two books, as well as her recent forays into the world of acting!

From her Amazon page: “Erin’s writing has placed in a variety of competitions including second place in the Sudden Denouement Divergent Literature Competition and the CN International Flash Fiction Competition, and most recently, her piece “The Final Battle” placed first in her heat in round one of the 2018 NYC Midnight Short Story Competition. In 2017, Erin was invited to sit on not only the Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer’s panel at the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival, she also sat on the YA panel. In February 2018, she joined the judging panel for the CN International Pens of Roses Flash Fiction Competition and in March, joined another author panel in Richmond, Virginia. Erin works as an editor at FunDead Publications and offers freelance editing on the side.”

For more information on Erin Crocker, and to order her books, please go to her website at:


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Host Paul Reeves:

A product of the Detroit area, Wayne State University, and Eastern Michigan University, Paul Reeves, Ed.D, has spent over 30 years as a professional educator and musician, as well as his work as a radio talk show host and author.

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    Dr. Paul’s Family Talk and host Paul Reeves are taking a bit of the summer off. Enjoy another great interview with a Writers Unite! member, Erin Crocker (Erin Kathleen on WU!) Listen to Impact Radio USA for more great shows and encore presentations of Dr. Paul’s Family Talk!


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