Jenny Booker: Restart

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By Jenny Booker

It’s the noise, he thought — too crowded and loud. Watching the people walk by mostly unaware of his presence; some stopped, thinking he was homeless — how kind.

Cars beeped to get the pedestrians off the road, and bells of the bikes tinkled in agreement.

All these people going about their day, where each one is separate from the other, their own unique paths and dates — it was fascinating.

The smells of burgers and donuts filled the air to sweeten the car fumes and sweat. Both competing with a hot dog stand that just set up across the road with a guy shouting all sorts of things to attract the customers.

Near him a lady with her violin starting playing — same time every day this week, and always smiled even when the hustle and bustle of the city ignored the lovely sound of such an instrument.

Feeling sad, he got up off the bench and turned to the quietness of the park behind him. He got to the big lake and took out some bread to feed the ducks, wondering how they don’t need such a complex life.

Looking at his watch, it did seem such a shame — maybe next time keep it simple? Chain of events needed to start and he was the one to do it.

Now what to do in these last few minutes till the end of the world?

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