E.C. Fisher: The Expectation Wish

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The Expectation Wish

By E.C. Fisher

Today’s greeting I greet you with. 

How are you today? I ask as pleasantly as possible. 

Who knows how your day has gone? Did you just get off a long flight? Did you have a lengthy business meeting? 

Who am I kidding, when don’t those run long? 

I take you from destination to destination. While I play my music, listen to the game, talk radio, or I may be yelling at my phone. 

You sit in the backseat behind the partition, minding your own business while unaware of my condition. 

I don’t know you. You don’t know me. 

Yet an agreement has been made when you enter my domain. 

I will provide safe travel to your location. You pay me upon arriving at your destination. 

I blend into the background. Get lost in the streets. Sit idle for hours. Or stuck in traffic. 

I find you at your best and at your worst. 

In the backseat, I have tissues for you to cry in or bags for your vomit. I hate to clean up after you, but tomorrow’s fare depends on a clean interior. 

We know how to bypass the lights, signal right, or stop abruptly. We cater to you, our fare of fares, for our livelihood is dependent on it. 

You may yell, scream, kick, or prattle. I will continue to drive straight for your destination. 

I’ll take you on a ride through my lively city. Hop on in my automobile. 

Say hello and ask how I’m doing. A gentle greeting guarantees you a tolerable ride. 

While I’m at it, a tip is appreciated. 

-Your cabbie

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