Ted Strutz – Little Sally’s Pail

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Little Sally’s Pail

By Ted Strutz

Little Sally left her pail in the grass.

Mr. Robert didn’t want to hit it with his mower so he hung it on a nearby shed.

Coming back with her shovel, Little Sally couldn’t reach it.

She went and found Bobby.

Bobby got down on all fours and Little Sally stood on his back.

She still couldn’t reach the pail.

So she jumped up… still not high enough.

When she came down, Bobby collapsed.

Undeterred, Little Sally got the milking stool and made Bobby get back down on all fours.


Noontime, Mother clangs the dinner gong.

Little Sally sprints for the house leaving her pail in the grass.

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Please visit Ted’s website: https://tedstrutz.com/

3 thoughts on “Ted Strutz – Little Sally’s Pail”

  1. Reblogged this on d. a. ratliff and commented:

    This month’s prompt has given us stories to ponder, a bit of horror and tugged at our heart strings. Ted Strutz has given us a bit of fun and delight! Ted found the Write the Story project through the WU! blog and is now a member of WU! Give him a warm welcome and be sure to check out his blog.


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