Leah Pryor – “What Once Was”

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“What Once Was”

By: Leah Pryor

If you walk along the river bend

until you see a tree,

That is hunched and bent

like an old worn hag

that’s sipping water from the spring,

Follow her long crooked hand if you can,

(It points to where I will be).

Up the mountain you’ll climb.

You must pass the reeds, oaks,

and pines,

until the woods have all cleared away.

With the forest behind you

and the sun in your eyes,

keep walking the uneven ground.

(Those humps, lumps, and mounds —

I’ve heard people say

are unmarked graves,

Though time has forgotten

the fallen men’s names.)

Up on the mountain

you’ll find a rubble of rock

and a window

that seems out of place.

For on this lonely mountain

a fortress once stood,

made of stone and strong wood

overlooking a small druid town.

The town is no more

But tales and folklore.

And the kingdom a wrinkle in time.

But the window still stands

Overlooking the land.

A reminder of what used to be.

A time and a place

That has been forgotten.


In a world too busy to see.

That the stories of old

Are meant to be told

To be remembered

and honored

and preached.

So here I will stand

Overlooking the land

By a window

That stands by itself

A fortress of sorrow

With no hope in tomorrow

For its walls have

All fallen down.

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