D. L. Tillery – “Lost To The Storm”

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“Lost To The Storm”

By D. L. Tillery 

A single moment, a breath of life, I couldn’t blink, I couldn’t cry. Tingling all over, no sounds of wonder, I’m blinded by you and this inner thunder. Waves clash against me, inside me, as I fight the fall, as I fight your call. The day you emerged before me, was the day I lost my heart to thee. My soul ignites with the lightest touch, unknown to you, I fold as a palm tree under bended knee. What is this? What are we? Let me surrender, or let me flee.

The storm has come, just as the light fades, the winds rage … touch me, I beg. When you arrived I was lost at sea, the stings of water droplets awakened me. Take not away this unknown storm, uprooting, are we not the norm?

Your beauty has penetrated to the deepest core, hold my hand as we soar. Where we land is one and the same, in the center of our storm we’re lost … come what may.

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