D. L. Tillery: Lyrics of My Path

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Lyrics of My Path

By D. L. Tillery

In this place I found you, in this place I lost myself, we have touched and we have faded, before you I was jaded, I walked through life behind shadowed eyes and nothing stared … I had no care, now … finally there’s life, finally there’s air. On a path as cold as ice, destitution was my life. How did I survive, until now? Eyes elated my heart, that was my sight of you from the start.

The first taste is like a desert’s last drop of rain … making me whole again with the nearest of your skin, never to stop my heart again. Unknown to me was the breath of life, my soul aching when not in your sight. In this place yet again, in this wilderness that’s not my friend. I’ve come to find you, yet here on this path, I’m lost … deep is the forest all around me unlike the leaves of destiny. I look within and there you are as my heart beats … for you’re never far. On this path that we have walked, are our souls turned to dust. Hold me close until the end … for the fall is calling again.

Under the sky, we shall die but not before our souls have cried. Through the light and through the dark we have danced, we have fought, yet I say if this path was wrong, I do not care for you are forever my song.

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Please visit D. L.’s website for more of her wonderful writing! https://authordltillery.wixsite.com/authorsite

Write the Story: March 2019 Collection

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