E. C. Fisher: Beep Beep Beep

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Beep Beep Beep

by: E.C. Fisher

The pain has taken hold, it binds me in my body

Beep beep beep

Medicine is pumped into my veins

Beep beep beep

Family and friends surround me, I barely hear their cries and woeful condolences

Beep beep beep

My body feels heavy and yet light as my mind falls asleep

Beep beep beep

My vision blurs as the darkness closes in


My senses dwindle, emptiness, the agony is gone, darkness surrounds me

The need to open my eyes overwhelms me, a ray of light shines through the darkness, the sensation of the wind caresses my cheek, the scent of pine tickles my nose

I walk through a well-lit forest, the earthy path is worn and well traveled, many have followed it to the end

I hear the chirping of birds and buzzing of insects, and the rustling of the leaves as the breeze sweeps by

Peacefulness wraps me in its tight embrace, a tranquil peace that I have never experienced

My body moves without a thought, the light grows brighter as I walk up the gentle slope

An invisible wall halts my progress, my body jerks, my chest hurts, pain once again assaults my senses

The chirping of the birds and buzzing of the insects scatter as my body is pulled backward from the serene light

Beep. Beep. Beep.

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Write the Story: March 2019 Collection

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