Lynn Miclea: Eyes of Love

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January 2019 Write the Story Prompt

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Jared stood at the peak, mesmerized by the majestic scene before him. His body trembled as he took in the layer of clouds that expanded out. Standing on the top of the mountain, his stomach flipped. He hadn’t been sure he could do this, but here he was. It was hard to breathe, and he wasn’t sure if that was from the altitude or the extraordinary wonder before him. The incredible expanse of puffy clouds filled him with an unspeakable sense of awe. He felt close to God here, as though he could touch infinity.

He took a deep breath, and his chest ached. A headache started building, and his muscles felt weak. It was time to return to the camp near the base of the mountain. He hoped his muscles would stay strong and not let him down. If he fell or got injured here, he could easily die. His teeth chattered with the cold. He had to leave before it would be too late — he needed to get back before dark.

And he knew real courage would then be needed — even more than what was needed to reach this mountain top. Before he left, his eyes scanned the magnificent view, savoring the image, and recording every detail to memory. But the longing in his soul reminded him that connections of the heart were even more powerful than physical strength or mountain top views, and he could not get back to camp soon enough.

A deep urgency filled him, and Jared suddenly felt empty and alone. The most wondrous sights of the world could not compare to what he felt for the love of his life. He did not want to lose her. And he intended to spend the rest of his life helping Angela achieve all her dreams. He would be there for her no matter what.

Tears burned his eyes. Angela was blind, and he would describe to her in detail everything he saw and felt as he stood here on this peak. And he would let her know that what he saw in her was even more beautiful than what he saw and felt at the top of the mountain.

Tonight he would ask Angela to marry him.

He turned and started down the slope.

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