Barbra Badger: Simon

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January 2019 Write the Story Prompt

(Please note: the images we will use as prompts are free-use images and do not require attribution.)


By Barbra Badger

Simon was the only object in sight for miles that wasn’t totally snow white. Every tree, parcel of land, or even the rabbit that crossed his path ahead was sparkling, stark white. He looked up at the sky with a few innocent fluffy clouds and smiled to himself as he swooshed along. Feeling self-satisfied that he had remembered to wear his snow glasses to keep snow blindness at bay, he kept moving cross-country in a rhythmic pace. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, he could let his mind wander. Then he began to notice a slight angle to the ground, just barely causing him to strain. His ankles bent slightly, and he had to push harder, then harder. His breath came with more difficulty. He stopped to look around. The trail he made was perfectly straight. Shook his head and went on. The subtlety of increase of effort hooked his competitive spirit, and he took the challenge. Soon he was grunting and groaning to put one ski ahead of the other and leaning forward so far he could only see his feet. When the ground leveled out, and his efforts eased, he stood straight up, and before his eyes lay an ocean of cloud. From his feet to the horizon clouds danced gently across the expanse. Thinking he had reached heaven, he stood in reverence, filled with overwhelming gratitude.

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This story and other works by Barbra Badger can be found on her Facebook author page:

Write the Story: January 2019 Collection

2 thoughts on “Barbra Badger: Simon”

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    Welcome to the first story post for Write the Story! on Writers Unite! Barbra Badger​’s Simon leads off the new project. I want to share these great stories with you and hope you will show the authors support, read, comment, and like their blogs, websites, and FB pages! Let’s get some traffic going for everyone!!!!

    There are more stories and poems to come from some great authors!



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