Write The Story

One of the most difficult challenges for writers is how to grow followers on our platforms. We are told by the “writing experts” that we must have a strong following to be successful.  And you know what, they are correct.

Writers Unite! wants to help you gain followers by broadening the reach that you have as an author.  We are creating a monthly “Write the Story” prompt designed to be shared by not only on your blog but across Writers Unite!’s platforms as well. Those of you with good followings now will hopefully find followers you didn’t have before and will be helping your less-experienced writer friends.

Here’s the plan:

You write a story of 3000 words or less (doesn’t matter, can be 50 words or a poem) and post it on the author site that you want to promote. Please edit these stories. We will do minor editing but if the story is not well-written WU! reserves the right to reject publishing it.

Send the story and link to the site via FB Messenger to Deborah Ratliff, or email at daratliff07@gmail.com. Include Write the Story on the first line of the message or as the subject of the email.

WU! will post your story on our blog and share across our platforms, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. WU! will also add the story to the Write the Story page on our blog where it will be available to read along with the other stories.

We do ask that you share the link to the WU! Write the Story page so that your followers can also read the works of your fellow writers.

The idea is to generate increased traffic for all. May take some time but it will happen if you participate. The other perk of this exercise is that you will also have a blog publishing credit for your work.

So… the January prompt is below… write the story!

DO NOT post your story to this prompt, The idea is to have your STORY or poem published on your site, the WU! blog and shared to gain followers for your writing. We will not accept a one or two line caption. For the most part, we are fiction writers and poets…. please write a story or poem, not a caption.

If you have any questions regarding this, you may ask the question in the comments.

Thank you.

Writing Prompt for January 2019

(Please note: the images we will use as prompts are free-use images and do not require attribution.)

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