Welcome from Karl Taylor, founder of “Writers Unite!”

Welcome to “Writers Unite!” On WordPress.

I joined my first writers’ groups on Facebook in the spring of 2015 because my local writing groups weren’t helping me but the Facebook groups left something to be desired as well. The groups were full of cliques, and they tended to put down what they called stupid questions, and it felt like they had just created the group to feed their egos. I thought there had to be a better way.

On October 16, 2015, (the day after my daughter’s birthday) I started a group called “Writers Unite!.” My intention was to give writers a place to ask questions without fear of being ridiculed. I needed experienced writers, who would know the answers to those questions so I needed a good mix of beginners with experienced writers because I am not published and simply wouldn’t know the answers to many questions. I also wanted people to have a place to share their work and get honest but not cruel critiques because that is part of learning to be a writer. I wanted a place where people could share their triumphs and their frustrations and their hopes and their fears with people that would sympathize and support them. I wanted to create a sense of friends and family, something akin to the camaraderie between the patrons of the bar on the TV show Cheers would be perfect.

I met a woman, Deborah Ratliff, who I had come to respect in another group and I asked her to join me in my new group. It wasn’t long before I asked her to become my administrator to help me to build my dream group. Things started off quite slow. Though we had some great people, we had only forty-five members at the end of the first month. I felt like I had failed and thought seriously about closing the group down. Deborah talked me into giving it more time. As it turned out, she was right. The growth was somewhat subdued in the beginning but it was enough to renew my enthusiasm.

Things began to snowball and it wasn’t long before our members asked to have specific needs filled so we began creating sister groups to Writers Unite!. Our membership had grown and the extra groups became too much for the three of us to deal with so we began searching for someone to join us as another administrator. Deborah knew a writer from another group and he agreed to join us as an admin. Adam Johnson turned out to be a perfect fit for us. His vast knowledge and friendly, helpful attitude was what we needed and he quickly became a member of the family.

It wasn’t long, with the new groups and the growth in WU we found ourselves in need of another administrator to help us keep the groups running smoothly. We had a member who was very active, very supportive, knowledgeable, and friendly. She was a perfect fit. Luckily, Michele Sayre agreed to join our little family of admins. Her knowledge and warm personality made her the best choice and we became even stronger with her addition.

We’ve taken the first steps to creating our youtube channel and here we are taking our first steps to creating our WordPress web page. Today is October 16, 2016, and our group has 13,824 members. A couple of our sister sites are over 2,000 members. All this has happened in less than a year. It’s all a bit overwhelming, to be honest, but we want our group to reach its ultimate potential so we keep pushing forward. I am proud to share the credit with my admins as there is no way I could have done it alone. Join us, you may learn a thing or two and I am certain you will at least find it entertaining.


5 thoughts on “Welcome from Karl Taylor, founder of “Writers Unite!””

  1. An incredible journey. Thank you for your groups, I’ve only been a member a few days but I’ve already found the Facebook page helpful and interesting. I’m looking forward to your blog posts. Great work!


  2. Thank you for creating this nice social hub. I would like to extend that thanks to each of the admin for the dedication and devoting (sacrifice of time) needed to keep things running.


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